These are some research projects I've worked on that have resulted in publications and presentations. The focus of my scholarship has been on healthcare improvement and patient-centered care, and I hope to expand my scope to include other social impact issues.

Use of anti-tuberculosis drugs among newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis inpatients in China: a retrospective study

Authors: Fei Huang, Hui Zhang, Qing Lv, Kaori D. Sato, Yan Qu, Shitong Huan, Jun Cheng, Fei Zhao, and Lixia Wang

The impact of the new cooperative medical scheme on financial burden of tuberculosis patients: evidence from six counties in China

Authors: Li Xiang, Yao Pan, Shuangyi Hou, Hongwei Zhang, Kaori D. Sato, Qiang Li, Jing Wang, Shenglan Tang

Non-medical financial burden in tuberculosis care: a cross-sectional survey in rural China

Authors: Qiang Li, Weixi Jiang, Quanli Wang, Yuan Shen, Jingyuan Gao, Kaori D. Sato, Qian Long, and Henry Lucas

Factors associated with TB patient admission rate and TB inpatient service cost: a cross-sectional study in China

Authors: Hongyan Hu, Jiaying Chen, Kaori D. Sato, Yang Zhou, Hui Jiang, Pingbo Wu and Hong Wang

Chinese People's Liberation Army on Action of Fighting against Ebola in Africa: Implications and Challenges

Authors: Ying Li, Sheng-Lan Tang, Kaori Sato, and Jia Cao

Pain medication use by participants in a yoga dosing study for chronic low back pain

Authors: Kaori Sato, Ekaterina Sadikova, Julia Keosaian, and Robert Saper